Need a passenger for Tandem A exam...

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Need a passenger for Tandem A exam...

Beitrag von andrescel » 10. Juli 2014, 08:43

Sorry to write in english! My German is not so good...

I'm doing the tandem A exam biplace the next 21st of July in Wolfenschiessen.
I did it last month in Verbier, but didn´t passed it (landed out of the circle...).
I´m again crazy looking for a passenger! Maybe (hopefully) one of you can help me...
Actually I´m living in Brunnen, but I´m not from Switzerland, and don´t know many people here... So it´s very (very!) difficult for me to find a passenger. I´d be really gratefull if someone wish to help me with this. I have gone through all the process; theory, practice solo... And now I find myself not being able to finish this task because of no passenger!!
I had one passenger but the exam (7-7) was cancelled due to bad weather and unfortunatelly he´s not in Switzerland in the new date.
I´ll stay the rest of the summer here, so if the passenger is someone who wants to prepare himself for the tandem license I could help him later flying with as passenger.

The passenger must be at least 70kg with swiss (or IPPI) licence. And without tandem A or B licence.

Of course I´ll pay the expenses (train, beer...).

I hope any of you guys can help me or know someone who could!!
Thank you all very much in advance!

Best Regards,
Andrés 00 41 766418465