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first post

Beitrag von aboozar » 18. Juni 2006, 11:54

i am from iran , just started to learn paragliding , still lot of people here dont know about this Fun sport !
and lot of cooool places to fly !!!!!
you can fly above the sea , jungels , desert and you wish with diffrent weathers , and diffrent atmosphier ,

and thanks to my friend Mr Moritz Herrmann who interduced me this Forum ,


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Beitrag von Roman » 18. Juni 2006, 13:04

Hello Aboozar

Welcome to our forum. Great to have international members. I couldn't read a word on your homepage, but i found some interesting pictures!

Happy flying


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welcome to Switzerland

Beitrag von arctica » 20. Dezember 2006, 21:21

Hi Aboozar
Great to see you found your way into the Swiss Paraglider Forum!
Hope you are having a good & safe flying season in Iran.
I'd be happy to come back again - next time with my glider instead of crampons and ice axe. Did you ever hear of somebody flying from Mt. Damavand?
Let us know about paragliding in Iran. We are keen to see pictures.
Happy landings,

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Paragliding Iran

Beitrag von Robert » 22. Februar 2007, 21:01


I like to go this year to Iran for paragliding. At the moment I'm looking in the internet to find some ideas where and when to go.

Perhaps you can send me some links or some ideas for my journey.

Thanks and regards, Robert