Neues wasserdichtes solarbetriebenes GPS-Vario mit Bluetooth 4.1

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Nicolay Malkov
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Neues wasserdichtes solarbetriebenes GPS-Vario mit Bluetooth 4.1

Beitrag von Nicolay Malkov » 30. Dezember 2017, 21:50

A more detailed and technical description can be found here:

Hallo Freunde! My name is Nicolay, I am a paraglider pilot and an R&D engineer in the Ungravity project. And you are all one of the best competitors, adventurers, and mountaineers. Have you ever worried about whether your paragliding, or speedriding, or whatever else track will be recorded or get lost?

Just one day my own GPS get discharged during hike-n-fly and I lost a cool adventure, another time I landed in the water while performing acro and all my flight instruments had to be thrown out. I would like to understand how you - professional and leisure pilots today, solve this issue, going to the longest cross-country flights and doing SIV over the water ;) ? And if you still have a headache whether to record a track or not, then I'm on the right way. And the world's first solar-powered waterproof GPS vario - is really in demand.

I will be very happy if you say whether such a device (waterproof stand-alone GPS vario with a smartphone connectivity) is necessary for you or how do you solve the problems described. And if you liked my idea, then by this season we will have such an instrument!

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Re: Neues wasserdichtes solarbetriebenes GPS-Vario mit Bluetooth 4.1

Beitrag von Marc » 23. Januar 2018, 13:59

There is some good solar-stuff from Germany: ... prod1.html
If we need waterproof, so it's a cheap solution to put the devices in a waterproof bag. For SIV over water, nobody need's electronic stuff (except Radio) even the Smartphone stays at the landing place or in the car (this highly priced devices don't like water at all).

So, for myself, there is no need to produce a waterproof GPS-Vario (and if it should be a big first-class device with Color Screen and Landscape included, the solar power will never give enough power to do flights for several hours). Stand-Alone Vario is no longer demanded, with all restrictions (Areas etc.) there is no more need to produce such devices.

If GPS is needed as complementary backup or tracking device, there are some waterproof outdoor-GPS from well known brands (, so I can't see any benefit to produce such devices from new brands.

It's just my personal opinion.
I had longtime just a Solario, now a Flymaster (a lot of People have also Skytraxx) and as Backup a Garmin Oregon (it's also my ourdoor GPS for Biking, Ski-Touring and all activity where a GPS with landscape and routing-funcion on streets is needed).

However, I with all the best and good look for your Project!